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The team is made up of working professionals, all of us work in different forms of healthcare and caring roles, but our central belief is one that unites us. We are passionate about seeing people given the tools to help live life to the full and overcome the challenges of daily life. 

We believe that through knowing yourselves better, and understanding your feelings and thoughts, you will find tools to enable change.

Our hope is that our words of support through our website, and also in our support groups, will give you tools to find moments of transformed thinking to allow you to stand firm each day. We hope to help you find more freedom and enjoyment in life. 

We are a team of friends who attend a Church of England Church. We believe in Christianity and relationship with the creator of the universe to transform our day to day lives and help overcome the challenges that life faces. 

We also believe that you can access this support whether you share our faith or not!


We will use a psychologically informed approach based on current evidence as a foundation for the advice and support that we offer.


We seek to help guide others toward constructive change and growth in every area of their life, through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries. ​


We respect the rights of our group members to take decisions for themselves, to have confidentiality, and to be safeguarded against harm and manipulation.


We commit to working within the limits of our competence, and to signpost group members to appropriate services  where required. 


We will act in a way that safeguards the welfare of our team. We will also ensure that adequate training and supervision is provided to enable the team members to remain strong. ​


Our team members aim to display the following characteristics: genuineness, honesty, wisdom,  competence, empathy,  respect,  equity, courage.​


We will respect the confidentiality of our participants, however we will always escalate risk and concerns within safeguarding arena to our safeguarding lead. ​


Whilst we are a team of Christians, we will respect your right to disagree with our beliefs and respect your own beliefs.

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